ARC chip for Epson F6000 F7000 F6070 F7070 cartridge chip

ARC chip for Epson F6000 F7000 F6070 F7070 cartridge chip

Model No.︰AY-F6000 chip

Brand Name︰Anyinkjet

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰10 set

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Product Description

1.After long time testing,we have developed the permanent chip ccesfully.

2.compatible for the following models:  

1)printer and  Cartridge model: 

1)Epson SureColor S30600:T687100,T687200,T687300,T687400;700ml

2)Epson SureColor S30610:T688100,T688200,T688300,T688400 ;700ml

3)Epson SureColor S30670/S50670:T689100,T689200,T689300,T689400; 700ml

4)Epson SureColor S30680/S50680:T690180,T690280,T690380,T690480 ;700ml

5)Epson SureColor S70600:T713100,T713200,T713300,T713400,T713500,T713600,T713700,T713800; 700ml

6)Epson SureColor S70610:T714100,T714200,T714300,T714400,T714500,T714600,T714700,T714800 ; 700ml

7)Epson SureColor S70670:T715100,T715200,T715300,T715400,T715500,T715600,T715700,T715800,; 700ml

8)Epson SureColor S70680:T716180,T716280,T716380,T716480,T716580,T716680,T716780,T716880 ; 700ml

9)Epson F6000/F7000/F6070/F7070:T741100,T741200,T741300,T741400; 1000ml

10)Epson SureColor T3050/T5050/T7050:SCIBK35,SC1C35,SCIM35,SCIY35,SCIMB35 ; 350ml

11)Epson SureColor T3000/T5000/T7000/T3070/T5070/T707:T693100,T693200,T693300,T693400,T693500 ;350ml

12)Epson SureColor T3000/T5000/T7000:T694100,T694200,T694300,T694400,T694500 ;350ml

13)Epson SureColor T3080/T5080/T7080:T708180 ,T708280 ,T708380 ,T708480 ,T708580 ;  700ml

14)Epson D3000:T710100,T710200,T710300,T710400,T710500;  700ml

2)The chip‘s Volume:350ML/700M/1000ML

3)This chip ARC chip,when the Volume foll level you just take it out and install is ok

3.Plug and play operation.No need modification printer.Easy and quick installation.     
4. The cartridge performance can keep the same as original cartridges.printer always in perfect states.     
Allows an uninterrupted production. lowest running cost

5.It makes printer go away from the bound of using original ink only, and can use compatible ink very steady and fluency; It can service directly to the advertising inkjet users, digital printing proofing market, digital textile directly print market,simulation production of oil printings and so on.

6.And we have receive more good feedback from our customer that the bulk ink system is high quality. 

7.Allows an uninterrupted production. lowest running cost.


Price Terms︰ FOB Shenzhen

Payment Terms︰ TT/Western Union/Paypal

Packing︰ Netural Packing

Lead Time︰ 1-3 days

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